Connally Nature Park

This greenspace is in addition to those featured in Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests.

The Sierra Club Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Sierra Club is leading a hike at Connally Nature Park on April 25th. Click here for more details.


Description: This 27-acre park is in East Point, Georgia. There are many white oaks here that are around 300 years old. These trees were preserved as shade trees when the area was a large plantation in the 1800s. Rare pink lady slippers can be found blooming here in late April or early May.


What’s there: Hiking trails (beware, some are overgrown in summer)


Champion trees: There are many huge white oaks here, but the largest is at 33.693119,-84.454391. This one is around 16′ around and 109′ tall!


Mileage: Approximately one mile of trails


Address: 2260 Mulberry St, East Point, GA 30344