Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests: Intown and Out

by Jonah McDonald

Not only is this the first guidebook dedicated entirely to hikes in intown and close-in neighborhoods, but nearly half of these 60 hikes appear in no other guidebook. That means this book gets the word out about intown greenspaces that, until now, have only been explored by in-the-know neighbors and hiking enthusiasts. Twenty of the 60 routes are inside the perimeter and many more are just outside the I-285 loop. With this book in hand, you can experience full days of hiking without spending half a day in the car.

The book includes 60 hikes at more than 45 hiking destinations, all within 30 miles of the Capitol dome;

Of the 60 hikes in the book, 27 appear for the first time in any guide;

Of the 60 hikes, 20 are within the perimeter and many are just outside I-285;

Route lengths range from less than a mile to 12 miles;

All hike descriptions list public transportation access information;

Lists descriptions and GPS coordinates for more than 150 sentinel trees, including city and state champion trees. 

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