This guide to the obscure helps you unlock Atlanta’s most intriguing, entertaining, and arcane secrets.



What’s really inside Atlanta’s sealed Crypt of Civilization? Where can you experience a midnight costume party or get your haircut at a museum? And is there really an elephant graveyard in the city? Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and Secret Atlanta is the right book to prove this over and over again. Beyond the standard Atlanta tourist attractions, visitors and natives alike will find a city full of secrets—in history, art, culture, nature, and places that are just plain weird. Tour the most hidden spots in the metro area, or see the famous sites through a new lens. You’ll find answers to common questions, like why there are so many streets named “Peachtree.” Don’t miss Atlanta’s more uncommon quirks too, such as the story behind the clergy parking spaces at one local bar.

Whether you’re a lifelong Atlantan or a first-time visitor, local writer Jonah McDonald will help you marvel at Atlanta’s most obscure oddities. These adventures through the city might sound too interesting to be true, but you couldn’t even make this stuff up if you tried.

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March 15, 2020


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