This greenspace is in addition to those featured in Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests.


Description: An amazing natural attraction hidden between a neighborhood and a closed elementary school, this old quarry sports 40 foot stone cliffs that can be accessed from the top and bottom – but don’t try climbing them (without ropes, that is). The trail leads into the woods from Shadowridge Drive, across from the old Skyhaven Elementary School. Park on Shadowridge and walk into the woods on a small social trail. This trail leads you to the cliff, along its edge, and then to a steep trail down (with the aid of a rope tied to a tree). It’s an adventurous spot and there is a lot of trash, but it has great natural beauty.


What’s there: Hiking trail, stone cliffs


Mileage: 0.75 miles round trip


Address: 1024 Shadowridge Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316