woodlandgardensThis greenspace is in addition to those featured in Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests.



One of the best-kept secrets in Decatur, Woodland Gardens is beautiful in any season, and particularly stunning in the Spring! Formerly a private home, Woodland Gardens is now open to the public daily and contains cultivated flower gardens, ornamental trees, and a section of piedmont forest that includes eastern hemlock and several champion trees. Most amazingly, the tallest measured dogwood tree in the world is in this greenspace! It’s not marked with a plaque like the other champions along the trails, but for a dogwood, it’s extremely tall. Come back to Woodland Gardens each week and see the changes in the blooming plants that grow everywhere!


What’s there: Hiking trails, screened pavilion (where Sunday concerts are held)


Mileage: 0.5 mile hike


Address: 920 Scott Blvd, Decatur, GA 30030